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A blog post about getting my hair cut…how exciting…


I don’t know why it’s Bollywood in Pakistan, but I think they did a pretty good job!


Faisalabad, Central Market


In the center of Faisalabad is a clock tower and market, built by the British in 1905.

Hustling and Bustling. Really beautiful.

One question though, how can you ever find your bike?

(This goes on for blocks!)



The trip to Pakistan this time was dominated by FOG.
Combination of pollution, field burning and cold humid air is the story…



Deep enough was to close highways. Taking good ol’ local roads.


Good ol’ local country road eatin!


Fish fry! with roti…yea, that was a bit weird. But, some of the bet food I’ve had in Pakistan so far. Nothing beats local food!

Iowa Boys


Visited the University of Agriculture Faisalabad because agriculture is a major industry in Pakistan (accounting for over 5th of GDP), and a MAJOR water user.

There, Dr. Allah Bakhsh (Dean of Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology) showed us around his “Research Lab”, which was acres and acres of wheat, rice, sugarcane, tomatoes, cotton, perfectly planted and monitored for performance.

Turns out he got his PhD and Post Doc in Agricultural Engineering at Iowa State.

Accidental Thanksgiving


The other day, a Pakistani colleague invited us to traditional Sajji.  What is sajji?  It’s basically a chicken barbecue menagerie.  From the Balochistan region of Pakistan.  I’ve been fortunate that, through work and other methods, I’ve had many opportunities to experience not just food, but cultures and friendships from around the world.  How grateful I feel to the people that have shared these things with me, and how I look forward returning the kindness.

ISLAMABAD: Traditional food item Saji preparing during Pakistan Week at Lok Virsa.INP PHOTO by Hassan Choudhary


Just as I thought these thoughts, the food arrived and I realized it was Thanksgiving.


So, Happy (accidental) Thanksgiving, everyone.