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A blog post about getting my hair cut…how exciting…


I don’t know why it’s Bollywood in Pakistan, but I think they did a pretty good job!


Faisalabad, Central Market


In the center of Faisalabad is a clock tower and market, built by the British in 1905.

Hustling and Bustling. Really beautiful.

One question though, how can you ever find your bike?

(This goes on for blocks!)

Cambodia, Food…


Finally found some time to myself to walk around.

From the hotel to the riverside and Royal Palace.

I have no idea what I ate, or what its called, but it was good.


Can anyone tell me what I ate?


Colonie Francais, donc, vin…


-Hey bae, can you pick up some chicken on the way home?



موٹر وے بند



Mr. Akram, my driver tells me.

Last night, police moved in to disperse some protestors in the Pakistan capital which unfortunately erupted in violence. That violence spread quickly across the country, catching up with us as we prepared to head for the airport.

“Motorway Closed.” And with many local roads also closed, (actually, we had no reliable information about which roads were closed, or open) we retreated to the hotel.

Back at the hotel, I experienced my first “media backout.” Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Line etc were not accessible. And some TV channels too.

An interesting experience. Not enjoyable.

But WordPress was not affected…so, here I am!




The trip to Pakistan this time was dominated by FOG.
Combination of pollution, field burning and cold humid air is the story…



Deep enough was to close highways. Taking good ol’ local roads.


Good ol’ local country road eatin!


Fish fry! with roti…yea, that was a bit weird. But, some of the bet food I’ve had in Pakistan so far. Nothing beats local food!

Akane and Yudai’s Kagoshima Honeymoon Adventure!


Well, it’s been a while since it happened, but the video of our bike trip around Kagoshima Prefecture is finally finished. It’s kind of a long video, but it was kind of a long trip. Hope you can beer through it all (←not a typo!)