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The Dark


Quake Kit


The forecast for a MAJOR seismic event in the Tokyo area is…well, it’s 50 years overdue, so over 100%! I’m saying it’s high. Very high. And also very unpredictable.

Here is our Earthquake Preparedness Kit. Calories & water, power & communication, medical & hygiene for 24 hours until we reach an evacuation shelter. Why 24 hours? Water. We can’t carry enough water for 48 or 72 hours. Different solutions like water filters would be needed. We have those too, but if we can’t get assistance in three days, we’ve probably got bigger problems. The best solution for us is to GET TO HELP WITHIN 24 HOURS.

Many of the items have multiple uses:

Nail clipper: wire clip, zip tie cutter, tweezers
Food bag: zip lock bag, water bag, trash bag, toilet
Work gloves: warm gloves
Towel: scarf, splint, head cover, pillow
Hand sanitizer: fire starter
All paper (notes, packaging, etc): kindling

What’s in your kit? Any suggestions for ours? Have we forgotten anything?

Stay safe!