Modern Appreciation of Truth


First, there was truth.

But before that, there was ignorance.

We just didn’t know…and there’s nothing wrong with that. There are lots we still don’t know.

For example, we just didn’t know that mass production of livestock and meat heavily processed with industrial chemicals was not the best way to make healthy food. All we knew was that Krusty Burger was delicious! And, oh so convenient.

Then people started dying. We investigated and, it turns out, raising a generation of kids on a biological-industrial assembly line wasn’t too smart. There are now many truths we know about diet, nutrition, obesity, exercise etc, not to mention the environment impacts of how we eat and the poisons we use to grow our food.

This was followed by the “Late-Truth” era.

Simply put, just BS. In our fastfood example, it would be like saying “Well, the Krusty Triple Deluxe with cheese has (wilted) lettuce, (rotting) tomatoes, (stinking) onions, and sesame seeds on the bun. That’s FOUR vegetables. Plus CHEESE. THAT’S DAIRY!! OF COURSE it’s good for you! And for your kids!” Like a sleazy car salesman, it’s not completely untrue, until they’d tag on something like, “It’s extra work to do all this (for you!), but we do it because we care.” The aroma of BS is strong in this one! (Or maybe it’s the onions). People like Ted Cruz and Steve King were masters among masters.

But all this BSing gets tiresome. It’s a lot of work. The “Late-Truth” era soon gave way to “post-truth” which before we knew it, was replaced by “Alternative Truth.”

Cut out the middleman. No more hard work of bending the facts, or finessing the wording, or subtly reinterpreting the meaning. The bottom line, people just want to pig out. They like Krusty Burger and they don’t care what anyone says anymore. And who can blame them. They’re tired of being called fat just because they don’t run masturbatory charity marathons every month. They’re tired of being looked down upon for not using mirin & tamari in their homemade, organic mac and cheese (locally produced open-range goat cheese, of course). They’re tired of being called irresponsible and unfit parents for buying their kid a happy meal.

They want a Doctor Nick to come and tell them, “You aren’t a bad person. Krusty Burger cures cancer. In fact, the greatest chefs in the world (and I know all of them, trust me) prefer Krusty Burger over any five-star restaurant, and make you sexy and rich.”

They wanted someone, anyone, on their side.

It’s not about “truth” anymore. This is one huge mistake liberals are making. Insisting on truth. That is so 1980s. You can show the photo of the National Mall a bajillion times. DJT supporters just don’t care. There were lots of supporters. They support him because he’s a “no BS, straight shooting kinda guy!”

“But he’s not. There’s ample evidence of his con-jobs and sleaziness and overall duchebaggery!!!” you say?

There you go, insisting on truth again.

DJT is a blank canvas anyone can paint with their own biases and prejudices. Both sides do it.

Liberals are taking truth to an ideology fight.

We are guaranteed to lose…every…single…time.


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