Proof of time








Every country has their default topic of conversation.  In the US, I remember people talked a lot about TV and the weather.  In Japan, people talk about age.  In Sri Lanka, the thing I talk about most is how long I’ve been here.  No matter where I am or what I am doing, curious locals just HAVE to know, “How long have you been here?”  I have no idea why they ask, or what they will do with this information, but it seems to bring them joy, so I answer.

At first it was more or less “It has been months 3 ago since I came.”  But being asked EVERY SINGLE DAY, you can’t help but improve.

“Months 4 before, I came.”

“I’ve been here half a year”

Over time , it joins the natural background chatter and you cease to notice.

But lately, I’ve started noticing again.  I’m noticing because of a profound difference.  The conversation has changed from “I’ve been here for 3 months” to “I have 3 months left.”

When did this happen?  I don’t know.  but no doubt this “3 months left” will turn into “next month”, then “next week”, then “tomorrow” before I know it as well.

Proof that time exists, and it flies as well!


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