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JICA KOICA Exchange Program


First Ever KOICA/JICA Exchange Program!


Like Japan, Korea too is active in overseas development assistance, including Sri Lanka.  JICA and KOICA volunteers have been working side by side in Sri Lanka for many years, sometimes even in the same office.  The only problem was, we had no opportunities to contact and interact with each other.


I decided to change that.  With the help of a KOICA Volunteer (and support from the JICA and KOICA offices), we organized the first ever KOICA/JICA Volunteer Exchange Program.  The program started with “official” type activities like presentations on daily volunteer activities and icebreaking games.  We need “official” type activities so the offices will “support” our event.  Then we ate and sang and danced the rest of the time.  The most important thing was that we got to talk and get to know each other, and have fun!