Progress report


It’s been a while since my last update about my volunteer work (here, here and here).  Today, I’m happy to report, things have been much better for a while.  The GC-MS is up and running (decently well), stable Helium supply has been found, and the whole analysis procedure is starting to take shape.  So, I’m doing much better in my little lab.  So well in fact that, I think it’s time I crawled out of here and explored the “real world” a bit, because how much can you really know about what needs to be analyzed and how to save the world by being cooped up in a lab all day?

And thus was born my Thanthilimale Social Survey Project.  Thanthilimale is a small (mostly agricultural) community about an hour north-northwest of Anuradhapura.  The goal is to embed myself in the community, survey their water supplies and observe how they interact with them.  My hope is that this will give me more insight into the possible causes (and therefore solutions) to the high rates of Chronic Kidney Disease plaguing some parts of this island.  It will last about 2 to 3 weeks, maybe longer depending on funds.

I leave tomorrow!  Wish me luck!


前回の活動アップデートよりだいぶ時間が経ちましたね(herehere and here)。色々進んでます。GS-MSは立ち上がり、ヘリウムの供給も安定しました。分析プロシージャも出来上がってきてます。なので活動をラボから外へ広げようかと考えだしました。目的地はタンティリマレと言う小さな農村。目的はその町に住み、村民・環境・水・仕事の関係性を測り腎臓病の原因を少しでも分かることが出来ないかなと。。。まぁ、ラボにこもってても出来ないこと。2~3週間いるつもり。。。



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