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Early Christmas Present!



I finally got my 1 liter separatory funnels WITH PTFE stopcocks.  Looks like I might make it through this week after all!



The curious incident of the Crow in the Afternoon


I can’t tell you what it was thinking, but I can tell you it was thinking something. I was on the computer wasting time, with my front door wide open to get just a bit more wind through my room.  Outside, the sun was shining, dogs were barking, and birds and squirrels were chirping.  It was a normal Saturday afternoon.  I had left some old cookies out for the squirrels.  Feeding and filming squirrels has turned into a mini-hobby of mine lately (here, here and here).  They came and nibbled and went, as usual.

This is when things start to get, curious.  I looked out my door at the cookies and saw a crow making a croaking noise at me.  Come to think of it, it’d been doing that for a couple of minutes now.  I got up and walked to the doorway.  The crow took a cookie, hopped up to one of the supports of my gate, look one last glance at me, and flew away.  Naturally, “Hmm…weird”  I thought.  Then, I saw something on my gate where the crow had just been.  It was small and I couldn’t really tell what it was, but was definitely not there before. The top of the gate was too high for me to see, so I climbed the wall next to it to get a look.  And I almost fell over the other side when I saw what it was.  Right in front of my eyes, just inches away from my nose was a fresh, gleaming red carcass of a rat.  Cleaned perfectly of its edible parts, just the bones, tail and muzzle were left (WARNING: Kinda Gross…).

Luckily, I did not fall, but I was stumped.  The 5Ws ran through my head over and over again.  Who was pretty obvious, but what?  Was it really a rat?  When did it do this?  Where did it come from?  And most importantly, WHY???  Years of Discovery Channel shows and horror movies ran through my mind (Hitchcock in particular) but I could find no references to crows leaving rat carcasses for people to find.  Was this a sign that it was going to come back with a murder of friends and pokey my eyes out?  Was it claiming my patio as its territory?  Was it hitting on me?

Figuring I had no immediate solutions, I when back to wasting time on the internet, secretly hoping that the crow would come back and clean up its mess, because I sure as hell didn’t want to do it.  About and hour went by and I heard some rustling at my door again.  This time there was nothing.  No crow, and looking at my gate, the rat was gone too!  If you looked at the picture, you’ll notice that the rat is in several pieces.  That means that the crow deliberately took all the pieces.  How or where to, I have no idea.  I was just glad I didn’t have to clean that up.  But the question remains…WHY?