Sing a song of garbage…


Considering the troubles I have been having with my own volunteer activities, I’ve decided to spend more time visiting and seeing what other volunteers are doing.  I’d get a deeper understanding of JICA activities, get to visit more places in Sri Lanka, and meet more people.  Not a bad way to spend otherwise unproductive time.

Environmental Education Volunteers teach kids and cities about the environment and waste management.  Sometimes, the kids teach us.  This is from the Environmental Theme Song Contest.  Kids rewrote popular songs to reflect waste and its effects on the environment.  This is the regional finals.  The winners of each region will face off later this year at the national competition to pick the best song and group.  The songs were really good.  The song choices ranged from children songs, ballads to recent pop songs.  In the cities, the garbage truck play music or chimes through their loud speakers, or just honk their horns to tell people they are coming.  They are thinking about using some of these songs or that.  That would be really cool…Direct contribution of kids to change their environments for the better! SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC


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