Volunteer update




The last time I wrote about my volunteer activities was about 2 months ago (March 6th, here).  I wrote that, “I’m still waiting for my Helium because without it, I can’t do any analysis work.”  Well, the long wait is over!  It’s here!  It arrived a couple of weeks ago.  We hooked it up.  Started up the machine.  Analysis got underway, and everyone lived happily ever after!

Not quite.  After being idle in a hot, humid room for 5 months, one of the vacuum pumps is now not working.  Personally, I don’t think it’s a huge problem.  An oil change or venting pressure in some of the components and repriming will probably take care of the situation.  Unfortunately, Sri Lanka has a very well established system vendors and contractors which means all repairs and maintenance has to be done by them.  So, again, I wait.  Will I be able to fix it myself?  Probably.  Will they do a better job than me?  Definitely!  It’s only a matter of when they get here.


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