Countdown Over! World Water Day 2013!


Today’s Topic: March for Water


Sri Lanka celebrated World Water Day 2013 by causing massive traffic congestion during morning rush hour!  About 1500 Water Board employees from all over the country gathered in central Colombo and marched from Vahara Maha Dhevi Park to BMICH, where the World Water Conference was being held.  I like these Sri Lankan mini-marches.  I’ve done a couple others for Habitat for Humanity and an athletic organization.  We don’t raise money or chant and protest, or anything like that.  We just carry signs and walk around pretty areas of Colombo for about an hour.  I hope we were able to raise water awareness of some commuters this morning.

Back at the conference, today was the busiest day yet.  Lots of Water Board people, lots of students, people from industry, and the general public too.  Even the Minister of Economic Development swung by.


In the end, like most other conferences, it’s hard to say what was accomplished.  For, I learned a bit about how the Sri Lankan water industry works.  Lots of papers were presented, which I’ll enjoy sorting through.  And I got to ask a few domestic and international organizations what they knew about CKDu.  It turns out nobody really knows anything.  I suppose that’s both good news and bad for me.  It’s definitely uncharted territory.  It’ll be interested to see if I’ll be able to contribute anything at the end of my two years.


In order of decreasing confidence (left to right)         “Don’t Waste Water”                                                                             “Pay your water bills on time”                                   “Something something for water cooperation”


Through Independence Square


Arriving at BMICH


Hard at work!


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