Countdown to World Water Day 3!!!


Today’s Topic

The Sri Lankan World Water Day logo contains traditional patterns from Sri Lanka, Albania, Canada, and Bulgaria

World Water Day 2013 in Sri Lanka.

World Water Day in Sri Lanka was celebrated by holding a three day Water Conference in Colombo.  It was quite small, but there were exhibitors from all over the world, and the Water Board was out in full force.  Even the President came on day one.  Each of the major departments of the water board had their own booth: the ground water section, mapping section, R&D, and us, the Central Laboratory.  Here are some pictures of us in action.



The Health Ministry of Anuradhapura Province also had a booth.  It was packed…all day long.  I took it as proof of the awareness and concern people have about the issue.  It gave me a renewed sense of purpose about my project.


Tomorrow is the big day.  There will be many events going on around the country, and the world.  Check out the WWD2013 site for an event near you!


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