Things fall back apart…


I went to lunch at a friend’s house on Saturday.  We cooked, ate, had a good time and I made it back home around 7:30pm.  On my way in, I stopped to talk to Grandma as usual.  We were having a pretty normal conversation except that she kept insisting that I go to bed soon.  As many 84 year-olds to, she had taken a nap that day, and had gotten up after dark.  To her, it was 7:30 am.  She thought I’d been out all night and just got back before the break of dawn.  Apparently, this is what she thinks I do every weekend, staying out all night, doing heroin and god knows who.  I’m surprised she’s not more scared of me.  Hmm, how to fix, how to fix.  You know, I might just go with it!



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